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Hi, that's me still in Belarus

As you have probably already guessed, I was born in Vitebsk and lived there a significant part of my life.

The story of this web site started back in 1994, when I first got onto the Internet and when I tried to find anything about Vitebsk - I was able to find absolutely nothing. So by 1995 I had an idea to correct this situation about Vitebsk, and I have created a first few pages that made a foundation of this site.

Over several years this web site has acquired some content and number of great pictures from several contributors that I would like to thank you for their help. In around year 2000 after many requests I wanted to do full site redesign, but after several tries, I have also got convinced not to do it and that this web site should also become an Internet Monument of the typical web site representing the web site of the beginning of the Internet (vintage 1995:). So most likely this site will continue to have most of the attributes of the sites of that time and I do not expect it to be redesigned.

This site will also continue to have some references to Minsk and Belarus as closely related topics to Vitebsk.

Please let me know if you have any ideas about improving this site or if you would like to offer your cooperation to me.

Thank you.

Kirill Yurchenko

San Francisco is in background at Oracle
in a Californian red forest my colleagues at Oracle

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Nice picture of Minsk 
Nice picture of Minsk 

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